Racing Pigeon & Birds Dewormer Ultimate 100gr

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For the treatment of Roundworms, Hook Worm, Caecal Worm, Tapeworm, Threaded Worm, and Hair Worm

Content: 10% Praziquantel, 10% Oxfendazole, 10% Levamisole

Dosage: 1 teaspoon (5 grams) per gallon of water for 2 consecutive days, and repeat 21 days later. Make fresh solution daily



Pigeon Dewormer Ultimate

Keep Your Flock Healthy and Parasite-Free!

The ultimate solution to maintain the health and vitality of your pigeons.

As a dedicated pigeon keeper, you know that internal parasites can pose a significant threat to the well-being of your birds.

That’s why our Pigeon Dewormer Ultimate is specifically formulated to target and eliminate these pesky parasites.

Effective Deworming:

Our Pigeon Dewormer is highly effective in combating various types of internal parasites commonly found in pigeons, including roundworms, hairworms, and tapeworms.

By eliminating these parasites, you can help prevent health issues and ensure the overall well-being of your flock.

Safe and Gentle:

We understand that the safety of your pigeons is paramount.

Rest assured, our Pigeon Dewormer Ultimate is specially designed to be safe and gentle on your birds, with minimal risk of adverse effects.

You can administer it confidently, knowing that you are prioritizing the health and welfare of your pigeon.

Easy Administration:
Administering the Pigeon Dewormer is a breeze. It comes in a convenient form that is easy to mix with feed or water.


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