Cataract Drops for Dogs & Cats Lanosterol with N-Acetylcarnosine

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Dog Cataract Eye Drops Lanosterol with N-Acetylcarnosine – Promote Normalization of Cataract Impairment in Older Dogs

PROMOTES NORMALIZATION OF CATARACT IMPAIRMENT – Specifically formulated as eye drops for dogs, these drops help promote the normalization of senile cataract impairment without the necessity of surgery.

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DOG CATARACT EYE DROPS – Do you worry about your pet’s impaired vision due to cataracts and their discomfort in new environments? I highly recommend trying our eye drops to improve their quality of life. Natural remedies for cataracts in dogs and cats have proven to be extremely beneficial. Our specially formulated cataract drops for dogs effectively treat cataract symptoms, protect and restore your pet’s vision.

HELP YOUR PET COMBAT CATARACT – Our pet cataract eye drops are widely used in various animals, including cats, dogs, cows, sheep, pigs, horses, rabbits, squirrels, rats, chickens, and small herbivores. They effectively protect against eye irritation, relieve dryness, reduce cloudiness, and improve vision, promoting the overall health of your pet’s eyes.

NATURAL AND SAFE CATARACT HERBAL FORMULA – Our dog eye drops and eye drops for cats are formulated with natural ingredients to promote eye clarity. This non-invasive remedy helps relieve cataract symptoms by increasing blood flow to the eyes and improving circulation between the anterior and posterior chambers. With long-term use, it can have positive effects on cataract formation.

PET EYE CARE CATARACT EYE DROPS – Our cataract eye drops are a cost-effective alternative to expensive surgery. Whether your dog has cloudy eyes due to cataracts or is experiencing infections that cause redness and inflammation, our drops can help reduce cloudiness, improve vision, prevent further cataract progression, and contribute to your pet’s overall well-being.

HOW TO USE – For external use only. Instill 1-2 drops into the eyelid, 3-5 times per day, to remove eye discharge and tears. Alternatively, use a cotton swab soaked in the eye solution to gently wipe the secretion and tears around the eye. Generally, administering one vial of our cataract eye drops to one eye for six weeks can lead to visible improvements compared to the untreated eye in cases of incipient, immature, and mature cataracts.


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