Amoxicillin and Tylan for Racing Pigeons & Birds 100gr

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A broad spectrum antibiotic that aids in the treatment or prevention of Ornithosis, Mycoplasma, Wet Nostril, Respiratory, E-Coli/Paratyphoid, Bacterial infections and more.

Composition: 30% tylan, 15% amoxicillinum per 100 grams

Dosage: 1 teaspoon (5 grams) per 1 gallon of drinking water for 5-7 consecutive days. change water daily.



Amoxicillin and Tylan for Pigeons: Promoting Health and Well-being in Your Flock!

Introducing Amoxicillin and Tylan for Pigeons, a powerful combination of medications designed to address common health issues and support the overall health of your pigeons.

Whether you’re a pigeon fancier or a pigeon racing enthusiast, this duo is a valuable addition to your pigeon care routine.


Effective Antibiotic Treatment:
Amoxicillin and Tylan are both effective antibiotics that target and eliminate a wide range of bacterial infections in pigeons.

They are particularly useful in treating respiratory infections, sinusitis, and other common pigeon health issues caused by bacterial pathogens.

By providing targeted treatment, you can help your pigeons recover faster and prevent the spread of infections within your flock.


Dual-Action Formula:
Amoxicillin and Tylan work synergistically to enhance the effectiveness of treatment.

Amoxicillin acts by inhibiting bacterial cell wall synthesis, while Tylan interferes with protein synthesis in the bacteria.

This combination ensures a comprehensive approach to fighting bacterial infections, promoting better health outcomes for your pigeons.


Easy Administration:
Administering Amoxicillin and Tylan to your pigeons is simple and convenient.

These medications are available in various forms, including soluble powders and tablets, which can be easily mixed with water or incorporated into their feed.

Follow the recommended dosage instructions provided to ensure proper administration and maximize the benefits for your flock.


Trusted Quality:
Our Amoxicillin and Tylan for Pigeons are sourced from reputable manufacturers and are of veterinary-grade quality.

These products are commonly used and trusted by veterinarians and pigeon enthusiasts, ensuring that you provide your birds with reliable and effective treatment.


Enhanced Performance and Well-being:
By effectively treating bacterial infections, Amoxicillin and Tylan contribute to improved overall health and performance in your pigeons.

Healthy birds are more likely to exhibit optimal flying abilities, endurance, and breeding potential.

Whether you participate in pigeon racing or keep pigeons as pets, this medication combination can help your flock thrive.

With Amoxicillin and Tylan for Pigeons, you’re taking proactive steps to ensure the health and well-being of your pigeons.

Enjoy the benefits of a strong and vibrant flock, ready to excel in racing or simply bring joy to your pigeon-keeping endeavors.



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