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    Bulk Organic Chia Seeds for Horses, 2 lbs

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    Pack of 2, 2 lbs at 29.99 dollars. The soluble fiber in chia seeds helps slow down the absorption of glucose, keeping blood sugar levels stable. When your horse becomes dehydrated from travel, racing, or extreme weather, chia seeds help extend hydration and retain electrolytes. Supplement to prevent ulcers, colic - The hydrophilic nature of chai seeds can increase hydration levels in horses. We write a blog about Benefits of Chia Seeds for Horses, holp you like it.
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    PetACS Horse Sarcoid Treatment Removal Paste Cream

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    PetACS sarcoid removal is a paste made from a mixture of bloodroot powder and zinc chloride solution. The bloodroot contains alkaloids such as sanguinarine, chelarathrine, and protopine. Zinc chloride helps to inflame the surface of the sarcoid, and in conjunction with the alkaloids, it alters the cells of the sarcoid to become antigenic to the host. As a result, the immune system of the host is stimulated to reject the sarcoid. We write a blog about Sarcoid in Horses: The Ultimate Treatment Guide, holp you like it.
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